What Economic Crisis? Say Hello to the Aston Martin One-77!

This car isn't you regular beige Volvo nor your standard gray Ford Sierra, the new Aston Martin One-77 will truly be a collector's item, with just a limited number of 77 being made (hence the name). But with exclusivity, comes great value, or so Aston Martin will have us thinking, and that is why this posh model will cost you in excess of 1,2 million pounds.

Time to check that balance for the fourth quarter and see if you can squeeze in another expense, one that's bound to turn some heads on the street. The car was recently premiered at the Paris Auto Show where it managed to stir quite the commotion, as 100 super rich buyers already signed their names on the dotted line and are now eagerly awaiting their Aston to arrive home.

The prerequisite was a 200,000 pounds down-payment, which is a large sum of money by any standard, even more so today, when banks and financial systems are collapsing left and right. Meanwhile, the people at Aston Martin are rubbing their hands together in satisfaction, “The interest is incredible” says chief designer Marek Reichmann, with probably a big grin on his face.

What's even more interesting is the fact that few details have transpired about the car's performances, which will leave about 100 people wondering if their new car will be able to outdo a Ferrari in the quarter mile.

So far, it's certain that the car will be equipped with a 7,3 liter engine in a V12 pattern, around 700 HP a carbon fiber chassis with an aluminum body. So it will be light, powerful and yet rigid. But will it all be worth the wait and the hefty price tag? We'll have to wait until next fall, when the first orders are said to be fulfilled.


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