What Car Matches Your Star Sign

The weekend is about to begin and we've just come across a piece of news that seems to provide just the amusement mood we all need today. In case you've ever wondered what car is right for your star sign, Europecar vehicle rental company has the answer.
Mercedes G63 AMG 1 photo
The car hire specialist searched its premium vehicle statistics in order to see the various connections between brands and sings - a total of 8,000 contracts were included.

It seems that Capricorns and Geminis are the most eager to spend big on luxurious rentals, dominating the charts.Capricorns turned out to be sports car lovers, accounting for 82 percent Audi TT Coupe rentals. The same conclusion is true for the Porsche Boxster, but the percentage drops to 30%. The second closes renter for the German roadster is Cancer, but this only accounted for 9 percent of the deals.

As for Gemini, this was connected to the Mercedes C-Class, as 26 percent of the total rentals belonged to them. This sign also has good statistics when it comes to the Mercedes E-Class and S-Class. However, when it came to the Mercedes ML, its the Sagittarians who won.

The company also tells us that the MINI Cooper S was the favorite rental for Librans.

Our say: are you what you drive?


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