What Bugs Women while Driving

Male drivers are always complaining about the way ladies ride their cars, about how they speak on the cell phone and drive at the same time or about how they comb their hair and do their make-up while waiting at traffic-lights. Women might be mobile phone users while taking a ride, so what's the big deal? Most of them do this because they are able to and this really drive men mad! How is it possible that former housewives poached on their reserves and now they're boasting about it by speaking on the cell phone when driving? And what if they glamorize themselves while waiting for permission to pass the junction? That means they don't want to waste any second of their precious time and also that they have an excellent taste for art and beauty! Men love seeing their wives or girl-friends as beautiful as fairy-tale princesses but simply don't understand that the process takes time and any second counts in a sprinting world! They know nothing about make-up artists! Men are always speaking about annoying habits of female drivers but my 1 million dollar question is: have they ever wondered what bugs women about male drivers and about driving in general? Let' s see: would it be the tailgaters? Or those who block crossroads? Or maybe men constantly changing lanes? Well, you shouldn't be a riddle-breaker to figure these are only a water drop in an ocean when it comes to things that really piss ladies off while driving. So, what else?ImpatienceIf there's a thing that women hate the most about male drivers, this is undoubtedly their impatience. You are not riding below speed limit, in fact you are struggling to keep it right at the edge and some idiots are either tailgating me or flashing beam lights up and down. Needless to speak about those who cut your way off as if the road belonged only to them. How fast do they want you to go? And then, when they try to overtake you and have that contemptuous look as if you were an intruder on his territory is really irritating! How dare they call you a slow driver when you're just obeying the law? He's the one to be punished, not you!Beeping hornsLife is stressing enough and some people just don't get it! It's enough that your boss is screaming at you everyday for you were damn late and there's a lot of stuff undone and that your noisy neighbors seem to have a birthday party every-night. You are already tired of dogs barking all night long, workers using the power drill at the very next floor of your office, phone ringing even when you're taking a shower. Why make things worse? You can be more merciful to slow drivers or to those who unconsciously make a mistake at the crossroads and save your horn's energy for when is really needed such as imminent dangers. Remember? That's its main purpose. And by the way, you did know that beeping horns is forbidden (unless absolutely necessary) while traveling through the city...Xenon headlights
This is truly awful when traveling at night through lightless areas. Perhaps this is valid for some men too but most of them don't seem really disturbed by those idiotic things as they crave for having a pair. But honestly, for the sensitive eyes of female drivers (and not only), they're temporarily blinding. Not to speak about the fact they're dangerous for it's like having high beams in your face. Why does anyone need lights so bright that nearly drive others into a ditch every time a pair goes by? My legitimate question for Xenon lovers: do you see a blessed thing when facing them?

People taking on cell phones...

... who can not focus at driving simultaneously. As surprising as it may seem at first blink, female drivers are bothered by those who mess up the traffic because they can not concentrate on the road while having a conversation on the phone. Who isn't, in fact? Most people can't walk and chew gum at the same time, so driving and speaking is an even more cumbersome task. So if you're part of the unfortunate category, it's better to refrain yourself from playing the Napoleon role. Otherwise, you risk to become a muddle-head driver.

Loud music

Women are music lovers and many of them couldn't live without hearing their favorite songs at least once a day. But that's exactly the key-word: favorite. That means they're not at all eager to hear others' while trying to relax a bit on their way to work. Therefore, they hate loud boom boxes that ruin everyone's lifestyle and deter them from  hearing their car stereo. And even if it's only for a few moments while the deaf moron is passing by, the noise is truly irritating and ear-hurting!

Harming the environment

It's said most women can not kill a fly (in reality, they might actually prove to be able to kill also bigger living beings but that's another story), then how about harming the environment? No doubt, women neither invented smokey exhausting pipes nor adore them. Actually, it brings you to the very edge of despair when a dumb head with an old clunker overtakes your just polished car and puts up a screen of smoke that could suffocate an elephant! Cough, cough, cough...

Bad manners

Most men speak dirty and swear all the time for this is the only thing for which they can get a note at the artistic impression chapter. Pretty lame to use this kind of language as means of attracting some lousy attention. Really unnecessary to add female drivers are truly disgusted by men who use such vocabulary irrespective of the situation, not to mention showing the finger while overpassing a slower car. There will never be a sufficient excuse to behave as an uncivilized clown.

Undecided drivers

Whether they want to show off and don't know how or really don't know the route, little does it matter for female drivers when having in the very front of them a dummy who's constantly changing lanes. Not only is it confusing for the poor lady but it's also exasperating!

Areas under construction

It's always baffling when you come up across an area that you used to know very well and know, due to the construction works, you encounter all sort of stupid restrictions. Women like new and beautiful buildings or roads but it would be more preferable if they did this sort of works during night time.

Men who forget to signal

As if male drivers who think about themselves as being the kings of the roads weren't enough, here comes another tricky category where many fit. Ok, it's nice to have a good impression about how you drive and it's even nicer to be confident in your best driver abilities. However, it would be one of the nicest things on the driving world, if you used the signal when required.

Drunk drivers

Do we really have to speak about them? I mean wouldn't it just be better if we erased them completely from the drivers' list? It would be mostly preferable if driving licenses were retired to all of them. And I mean ALL OF THEM! They are living dangers on the roads and too many innocent victims had to pay due to their ignorance...

Animals on the road

It's a dreadful experience to kill a dog that crosses the street while riding your motor with 100 km/h. Most of you have already seen their dead bodies in the middle of the road and it wasn't a pleasant image at all. Useless to add women usually react in a dramatic manner when something like this happens. Perhaps it would be just better if animals of any kind would learn how to cross the road... or maybe you just need to reduce a little bit of your speed to make sure you can brake on time...

Mud roads

This means dirty roads plus water, usually with potholes all over the place. And you have just washed your car. A complete disaster! Not to mention the freaking nightmare to pass the area by taking a guess which lane would be less destroyed! And let's not forget: you are lucky enough if you manage not to remain stuck there! Just imagine this happens to a high-heeled elegant-dressed lady!

People who cross roads where not allowed

It happens all the time despite of tickets given to disorderly pedestrians. You can not press more powerfully on the gas pedal because of some inattentive idiots who don't know how to read signs. You know that women are careful drivers so, they couldn't afford taking any risk.

And the list can continue indefinitely... each woman has her own list with annoying habits in traffic and we can find lots of things that get on our nerves every minute. The important thing is not to take them to seriously. Life's short, don't get mad on details!
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