Weird Yamaha FZR Crash

Most contemporary motorcycles come with a special switch which kills the engine when shifting from neutral into gear with the side stand lowered. That is because riding with the side stand lowered is a major hazard and will cause nasty crashes.. almost every time.
This video is the perfect proof that riding with the kickstand down can lead to serious injuries... and this guy got away pretty easy, with just a knee injury which will most likely heal pretty a couple of months and a wrecked bike.

Now, in case the guy managed to shift into gear with the kickstand lowered, this means a major malfunction to the bike's safety system... which is bad. If there was no kickstand problem whatsoever and the guy only thought of an excuse, it's also bad, because we're dealing with extremely poor riding skills.

Either way, quickly checking your bike before riding away can spare you some serious trouble, so take one or two minutes for this. It's a very small price if you think abour it...


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