Weird Love Story Talks about BMW Wheels?

Marinara Knife 1 photo
Photo: Screenshot from Youtube
This has to be the weirdest way to advertise aftermarket wheels. The video you’re about to watch was done by Evlskillz for ZPerformanceWheels and it’s absolutely mind-boggling.
Not because of its visual effects or the acting or even the story but rather because of its purpose. How can you advertise your wheels for BMW vehicles with a love story in which the girl dies??? It’s beyond me.

To summarize: the guy leaves for a quick McDonald’s run, leaving his hot girlfriend at home to be robbed by two ruthless thieves. The girl struggles and fights the two robbers, ending up stabbed, her boyfriend reaching her just in the nick of time to say goodbye. My story telling skills don’t do it justice though and you really should watch the clip.

The only thing related to wheels I understood, from the whole video, is that the man changed his wheels after the murder took place. What do you think?

PS: Was that Marinara sauce on the knife?

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