Weinsberg X-Cursion CUV Is a Versatile Rig Perfect for Both Commuting and Camping

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Weinsberg X-Cursion CUVWeinsberg X-Cursion CUVWeinsberg X-Cursion CUVWeinsberg X-Cursion CUVWeinsberg X-Cursion CUVWeinsberg X-Cursion CUVWeinsberg X-Cursion CUVWeinsberg X-Cursion CUVWeinsberg X-Cursion CUVWeinsberg X-Cursion CUVWeinsberg X-Cursion CUVWeinsberg X-Cursion CUVWeinsberg X-Cursion CUVWeinsberg X-Cursion CUVWeinsberg X-Cursion CUVWeinsberg X-Cursion CUVWeinsberg X-Cursion CUVWeinsberg X-Cursion CUVWeinsberg X-Cursion CUVWeinsberg X-Cursion CUVWeinsberg X-Cursion CUV
Summer is fast approaching and brings with it sunny days and clear skies, nudging outdoor enthusiasts to escape to faraway lands in search of adventure, relaxation, and recreation. When shopping for an RV for hitting the open road this upcoming camping season, there is usually a choice to be made between space/comfort and maneuverability, but with a cleverly designed Caravaning Utility Vehicle, or CUV for short, like Weinsberg's X-Cursion model, you're no longer stuck at a crossroads.
There are a myriad of vehicle types that you can use to explore the great outdoors, but if you want all the luxuries of home, chances are you'll end up with a sizeable motorhome that is unnerving to drive and hard to maneuver into campsites. On the other hand, if you prefer a more agile rig, you might have to compromise on comfort.

The good news is that this is no longer the case. With the Weinsberg X-Cursion CUV, you get the best of both worlds, as this ingenious camper sits at the intersection between a coachbuilt motorhome and van conversion, offering both comfort and agility. If the rig looks familiar to you, it's because it boasts a design heavily inspired by Knaus's Tourer CUV, which was introduced a couple of years ago and caused quite a stir in the RV world.

Weinsberg's CUV is based on the VW T6.1 panel van and boasts exceptional driving dynamics, a low overall height, and various assistance systems, meaning it's perfectly suited for everyday use in urban environments. But when you want to experience nature up close, you can rest assured that you have a comfortable living space on wheels, with an elevating roof, a full kitchen, a bathroom, comfortable sleeping arrangements, and plenty of storage space.

Weinsberg X\-Cursion CUV
Photo: Weinsberg
In terms of dimensions, the Caravaning Utility Vehicle measures 589 cm (19.3 feet) in length and 216 cm (7 feet) in width. This makes it more compact than other RVs out there, meaning it's easy to drive in any situation. With the revolutionary pop-up roof, it unfolds to at least 228 cm (7.5 feet) in exterior height once you arrive at your destination, enabling completely new spatial dimensions.

The electrically operated elevating roof is the ace up Weinsberg's sleeve for offering true comfort inside the CUV. It opens in just two minutes and creates an impressive headroom of 217 cm (7.1 feet). Coupled with extra modularity and other clever interior solutions, it allows for a spacious interior with everything you normally find in a motorhome.

When closed, the retractable roof blends seamlessly into the dynamic contours of the van, and interestingly, campers can still use the toilet and dinette inside without problems. It is also designed to be waterproof, breathable, and insulated with an innovative HYONIC material that consists of a multi‚Äźlayer structure and has a hydrophobic finish. The one-piece upper panel is made of a glass fiber composite material with an insulating EPS core.

Weinsberg X\-Cursion CUV
Photo: Weinsberg
At the back of the CUV, there is a pass-through garage that offers plenty of storage space. It is perfect for carrying groceries in everyday life, as well as larger luggage, camping gear, or outdoor sports equipment in camping disguise.

Despite the compact dimensions, the X-Cursion CUV reveals an incredibly spacious interior. The German manufacturer offers two floor plans: the 500 MQ with a transverse bed at the rear and the 500 LT with a fixed face-to-face lounge/dinette at the front. Both models come with swivel cab seats for more seating space, but the 500 MQ seems to feature a more versatile interior for holidays and commuting.

It features a front lounge with a bench seat and an expandable table, a well-appointed side kitchenette, a multifunctional, flexible bathroom, and a rear bed. The kitchen boasts large drawers for storage, a sink, a two-burner cooktop, and a 90-liter compressor fridge integrated into the kitchen block, while the bathroom comes with everything you need to freshen up on the road, including a fully functional shower cubicle with a folding wall, a toilet, and a pivoting washbasin.

Weinsberg X\-Cursion CUV
Photo: Weinsberg
The transverse bed at the back of the vehicle offers plenty of room to stretch out thanks to flared walls, and a well-designed lighting system adds even more comfort to the sleeping area. The bed sits on an elevated platform that hides the spacious garage area underneath. For those who want to travel with the family, the CUV can seat and sleep up to four people with an optional lifting bed above the cab.

In the 500 LT incarnation, the longitudinal benches at the front provide seating space for up to six people (eight with the swivel cab seats). With the adjustable table that can be lowered, the dinette transforms into a comfortable double bed in no time. If you also opt for the sliding bed above the cab, this version can accommodate four people as well.

Another highlight of the interior design is the innovative storage. The CUV comes with several individual storage boxes that campers can position anywhere inside the vehicle thanks to a horizontally mounted rail system.

With its unique design and thoughtful features, the Weinsberg X-Cursion CUV is like a true wizard of the compact class camper and would be a great camping companion for anyone looking for versatility, functionality, and easy maneuverability.

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