We’d Definitely Ride on This Tree Bark Skateboard

Have you ever felt you really need to touch those old trees on your left side as you’re walking through the Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest in California. It’s like you’d really want to hug them. Well, maybe you haven’t, but this French artist sure has since he’s obsessed with trees, grass and seeds, materials he uses to build his vegetation-specific projects. His coolest one: a skateboard.
Mr Plant's skateboard 14 photos
Photo: Mr Plant
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Sure, there are some parts around the country where having fun with a skateboard is literally impossible right now, since the snow level is totally off the hook. However, since it’s New Year’s Eve and we’re all supposed to make that list of resolutions we figured we might as well talk about something rather different this time.

Maybe this puppy is not that cool as the Hendo Hoverboard the California-based start up recently unveiled. After all, a functional Back To The Future board is probably what anybody would try at least once in a life time. Arx Pax is the creator of the experimental levitating board that is using the same principle Maglev trains work on.

No, this board is actually just for the show off. Or we should rather say pointing out, because that’s what Mr Plant’s work stands for. Christophe Guinet, on his real name, says his compositions show us the beauty of nature through everyday and cult objects. The project in question is a bark-based skateboard he dubbed Plant Deck, a 32’’ board built from a panel of tree bark.

We’d sure like the guy to turn his prototype into an actual series product, but it would seem it’s only a one-off piece meant primarily for display. As we said earlier, in case you have one spot left on your list with “must do” for 2015 maybe you should consider building a car out of the same material. Or maybe we will.

PS: check out the photo gallery to see some of the guy's other work too.
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