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Weatherproof Aerieport Drone Nesting Station Can Be Operated From Anywhere in the World

Canada-based drone solutions provider Volatus Aerospace just introduced its new drone nesting system called Aerieport, which is designed to facilitate remote missions in any conditions.
Volatus Aerospace Aerieport drone nesting station 6 photos
Volatus Aerospace Aerieport drone nesting stationVolatus Aerospace Aerieport drone nesting stationVolatus Aerospace Aerieport drone nesting stationVolatus Aerospace Aerieport drone nesting stationVolatus Aerospace Aerieport drone nesting station
The company serves defense and commercial markets, offering both drone equipment and drone-related services. It is especially known for its FIXAR (Fixed Angle Rotors) VTOL (vertical take-off and landing) drones, which use a patented design that allows for an easy transition of the aircraft between vertical and forward flight.

Aerieport targets customers involved in industries such as agriculture, security, renewable energy, oil and gas, mining, and construction. It is described as a versatile, drone agnostic solution, capable of operating in any climate and completely off-grid.

The drone nesting system is fully weatherproof and comes with a built-in HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system that regulates internal temperatures. Aerieport is able to function properly in temperatures ranging from -67 to +131 F (-55 to 55 Celsius). It features an onboard weather station that provides users with a live weather forecast, offering data on the humidity, temperature, rain, and wind conditions.

Other notable features of the Aerieport are its 4-SIM, 5G, and highspeed LTE connection with Satcom option. It also comes with a mission planner and an integrated, ground-based detect and avoid system that can identify other aircraft up to a distance of 2.4 km (1.5 miles) from the drone nesting station.

The fully autonomous remote BVLOS (beyond visual line of sight) drone nesting station can be operated from anywhere in the world and can be monitored and viewed via the Volatus custom software.

Volatus Aerospace unveiled its new Aerieport drone nesting station in Houston, Texas, at the Annual Energy Drone & Robotics Summit, which started on June 20 and ends today, June 22.

Next, Volatus will focus on receiving special approval to operate its Aerieport without the need of a visual observer. There’s no word yet on the drone nesting station’s availability or pricing.

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