Wearing Headphones While Jogging Can Get You Killed

Road safety is a relative thing, even when it comes to joggers 1 photo
Photo: Liveleak capture
Doing house chores, working out, cycling, or simply jogging is much more enjoyable when listening to your favorite music. However, in certain situations, this can prove to be a very dangerous combination, especially when your physical activity takes place on public roads.
The video below shows just how hazardous not being able to hear approaching traffic can occasionally be. This time, the runner was hit by a bicycle, but the same collision could have involved a motorcycle or, worse, a car.

Now, truth be told, maybe motorbikes or cars could have saved the day using their horn, but we just can't be 100% sure. We know of people who have been hit and killed by large vehicles such as buses in New York while listening to loud music using in-ear headphones.

The weren't able to hear the loud horn of a public transport vehicle, so we guess that a bike would not have done any better, either. As for the bell on a bicycle, things are rather comic.

Even while wearing headphones and listening to loud music or, for what's worth, podcasts, radio or anything like this, basic road precautions should be taken.

That is, slowing down and checking the road for traffic, regardless of how deserted that area is known to be. The very fact of being on a road that's open to public circulation should be more than enough to make people think before acting.

The runner simply made a left turn without even doing a shoulder check, with the impact being impossible to avoid. You can only try to imagine how this crash would look with a 250 kg (~550 lb) motorcycle traveling at moderate speed involved in this collision, and we bet that you don't like the outcome.

While road safety courses for joggers are not available, new drivers and riders should be also taught how to react in similar scenarios. That is, knowing that they can, at least, theoretically, expect the worst in such cases. The best way to try to avoid an accident is to slow down, use the horn and make sure they can react properly. Because when it comes to road safety, nobody expects the spanish inquisition...

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