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Weak-Kneed? E-Knee Is the Intelligent Device That Gets You Going

As AI technology is taking over the world, the medical field makes no exception with novel ideas that are put into motion for the general public. Used to relieve pain or pressure put on a knee joint affected by injury or disease, the knee brace is an indispensable product for athletes, sports lovers or people who struggle with knee pain. 
E-Knee, The Intelligent Knee Brace 1 photo
Designed by Chao Wang and his Chinese team, E-Knee is a unique pad that offers both real-time and custom size support during different sports and physical exercises. 

The gadget has a built-in motion sensor to detect different motion states and reflect the data using gyroscopes to the central ARM chip. The data is then processed and commands are sent to adjust the pressurization of 5 airbags, protecting the patella, meniscus, and ligaments.

The brace can be adapted to any situation, depending on the activity. It comes with 3 presets: rest, low-intensity, and high-intensity, depending on each individual’s needs. The size can be customized for each person’s own measurements to accommodate all kinds of needs. Additionally, it’s made out of a breathable fabric that makes it comfortable to wear and exercise in all day long.

The E-Knee can be charged with the included cable or wirelessly. It provides a 35-hour battery life when fully charged, offering support up to 3 days for normal daily usage. If the battery runs out, the knee pad will remain pressurized. When it needs to be washed, the control box can be easily detached.

What makes it so special? The brace detects different levels of air pressure based on initial tightness and saves the data for future use. The airbags will be pressurized to form a perfect seal, therefore it will never be too loose or too tight, regardless of knee positioning.

With a total of 5 versions of its body, 6 versions of the control box, and 7 different color schemes, the product is paving the way for the rise of smart medical devices.

E-Knee joined a Kickstarter campaign that hoping to reach the $19,967 goal, but the milestone has been long surpassed, and by $59,948. Early-bird promotions start at $129 for a single brace or $239 for a pair. Those prices include a charging cable, but not a wireless charger.

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