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We Simply Can’t Get Enough of This Reworked 2018 Ducati Monster 797
While hardcore purists may cringe at the sight of anything that isn’t stock, most petrolheads will always be thrilled to see a top-notch custom exploit.

We Simply Can’t Get Enough of This Reworked 2018 Ducati Monster 797

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Sadly, the city of Hong Kong has been plagued with civil unrest and instability since 2019, but we should probably avoid upsetting the Beijing administration with too much chatter on this sensitive topic. Despite the turbulent situation that’s unraveling in what used to be one of the British Empire’s most prosperous colonies, there are some nice things to be found amidst this chaos.

For instance, the French expats over at Angry Lane are still out there doing their thing. In case you’re not familiar with this company’s legacy, we’ll be more than happy to give you a brief overview of their history. The firm was born out of sheer passion back in 2012, when two brothers named Ben and Guillaume Barras joined forces to transform their hobby into a full-time occupation.

Their love for mechanical gladiators dates all the way back to childhood, having been kindled by a father who was well versed in the ways of mechanics. Before his sons had even reached the age of ten, they were gifted with a 1982 Yamaha PW50, which would inevitably become their favorite toy. As the Barras bros made their way into adulthood, this shared affinity for two-wheeled rides matured alongside them.

Fast-forwarding to the present day, we find the Frenchmen running a successful casual apparel line, as well as one of the loftiest motorcycle customization workshops on the entire Asian continent. To give you an idea about what these folks are capable of accomplishing, we’ll be taking a quick look at a 2018 Ducati Monster 797 that’s been modified on their premises.

The donor may not be a range-topping variant of Bologna’s range, but it was more than enough to put Angry Lane’s project in motion. Moreover, the bike’s bare-bones simplicity made it extremely easy to work with, while its competent power output numbers were unlikely to leave anyone feeling disappointed. On the contrary, the 797 enjoys an abundance of positive feedback from riders and the press alike.

For starters, the surgical interventions made their presence felt at the Monster’s rear end, where the AL duo replaced its original tail with a bespoke item, which was manufactured by a local craftsman. The new component follows the lines of the unaltered subframe to then encapsulate the Duc’s factory taillight. Additionally, the same metalwork expert was tasked with creating a discrete box that would house the electrics, along with a lithium-ion battery.

After the Barras brothers tweaked the warrior’s saddle to keep proportions as tight as possible, Ben proceeded to reupholster the whole thing using high-quality leather. Since the standard wheels didn’t match the desired aesthetic, Angry Lane decided to discard them in favor of laced footwear from Alpina’s catalog. Both hoops are brought to a halt by top-shelf Brembo brakes.

Powertrain upgrades come in the forms of aftermarket chain and belt guards, as well as a premium air filter and a hydraulic clutch setup, which is encased in a transparent cover. On the other hand, the tentacular exhaust system is arguably one of 797’s most remarkable characteristics, so it’s been retained. The headers were chromed, while the stock muffler was deleted to make room for a Spark alternative.

LSL clip-ons work in unison with rear-mounted foot pegs from CNC Racing to bring about a tougher riding stance. At the front, the beast sports a Koso LED headlight, bar-end turn signals and round Motogadget mirrors. With these parts installed, it was time to add an assortment of carbon fiber goodies to top things off, such as angular side panels, fresh fenders and minute exhaust shields.

Oh, and don’t you even get me started on that sophisticated color scheme, okay? The golden trellis skeleton does a wonderful job at complementing the dark bodywork, joined by matching pinstripes on the fuel tank. One thing’s for sure; we’re absolutely stunned by the level of superior workmanship that’s at hand here, and I’m inclined to think you are too!


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