We Asked and Tiffin Delivered: The 2024 Zephyr Is the Answer to Our Mobile Living Dreams

Did you know that a motorhome can be just that, a year-round home? Well, in that spirit, I've decided to bring to light the one and only 2024 Zephyr from Tiffin Motorhomes, one of America's most beloved RV manufacturers.
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Photo: Tiffin Motorhomes
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Folks, let me stop you right there. Before you go on, you must take a good long look at the images in the gallery. Before you, you'll find nothing more than the 2024 Zephyr RV from Tiffin Motorhomes. In short, it's literally the peak of what this and countless other rolling home manufacturers can achieve. With an average price of around $900K (around $835K at current exchange rates), it's really no wonder. It's time to see what the peak of this industry has to offer.

First and foremost, Zephyr is the sort of habitat that's designed to basically replace your traditional home, in the process, unlocking on-road living until you tire of it, if there's such a thing. This is achieved by packing this unit with absolutely everything anyone could ever need or want for a full life, including generators, washer and dryer combos, solar panels, shore power, ample water, HVAC systems, and so much more; we'd be here until tomorrow if I tried to run through all the features in each unit.

Instead, I'd like to invite you on a little trip through imagination to get a feel for a life lived out of a Zephyr. This all starts with you placing yourself in the center of what you saw in the image gallery and in that little video at the bottom of this article.

2024 Zephyr
Photo: Tiffin Motorhomes
Now, let's skip over all the paperwork, packing up the Zephyr with your necessities, and even selling your home, and just see yourself at the wheel of this mobile home. Driving along, you'll feel the power of a Cummins X15 engine with 605 hp and 1,950 lb-ft (2,644 Nm) of torque directing all its spunk into two front wheels, and an independent air ride suspension makes light work of anything the road throws at you. No off-road use for this one, folks. Countless automatic control and monitoring systems are spotted in the cab, too, and ensure a smooth and safe ride.

But, it's once we finally make it to our destination that the Zephyr really shows the world what it can do and the fact that Tiffin has been listening to its customers; the Zephyr is the result of rigorous feedback from customers and dealerships, creating a machine that packs more value than what we're asked to pay. Tiffin actually values the Zephyr at around $1.3M.

The first aspect of living out of a Zephyr that I want to point out is its inclusion of slide-outs, three in total, in the one and only available floorplan, the 45 FZ. Along this vehicle's port, two slide-outs support part of the living room, including a sofa bed and workstation, and toward the rear, the king bedding is found in the bedroom.

Along the starboard side, one massive slide-out houses another sofa bed with a hidden lift TV behind it, the entire kitchen, and finally, the other half of the bedroom. I'm telling you, it's a wild layout and one that left me in appreciation of just how beautiful everything turned out.

2024 Zephyr
Photo: Tiffin Motorhomes
Then there's the presence of two bathrooms, a set of features that are surely not to be taken lightly. A guest restroom is found in the center of the unit, right before entering the bedroom, and toward the rear of the Zephr, a massive walk-in restroom for the owners is found. Access to a floor-to-ceiling closet is a feature I've rarely seen in such units, and Tiffin added one here, too.

With an idea of where everything is placed, take a moment and picture yourself waking up in the morning, making breakfast, and enjoying it while taking in the view of the vineyard nearby through a nook that offers a 180-degree view.

Maybe your attention is still on your unit's interior looks. Considering quartz countertops, brushed semiprecious metals, and tile flooring are brought to life with dimmable LEDs and natural light, too, how could you keep your eyes off what Tiffin has achieved here?

2024 Zephyr
Photo: Tiffin Motorhomes
After breakfast, lounge around and have a cup of coffee, squeeze in a tad of work, and then get dressed to go on some afternoon exploring of the local landscape. The day is yours from here.

Upon arriving back to your haven (the Zephyr) in some park on a hidden orchard, you might want to indulge in a few of its outdoor capabilities. Unfurl a massive side awning, set up some outdoor dining, whip out some fishing poles or whatever you have in your itinerary, and top things off with an outdoor entertainment center. Countless options also exist, but I don't see what we could possibly add to this mix any further.

From here, there are a few things that each of us need to consider. The first is to gather the family, discuss a possible lifestyle change, and crunch the numbers to see what needs to be sold to do this whole mobile living thing the right way. Then, find a local dealership that has one in stock or can place an order for you, and away you and your family go, living it up in one of America's most beloved luxury motorhome lineups.

As for how we got to where we are today, well, this is Tiffin we're talking about, a name that's been a part of American economics since 1941, when they started out as nothing more than a hardware supply company. Years down the line, in 1972, Tiffin would go on to embark on a different type of enterprise, motorhomes, and we can see how things went from there.

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