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Waze Still Breaking Down CarPlay Despite Emergency Updates

As if the problems that CarPlay users ended up struggling with after the update to iOS 15 weren’t enough, it now looks like Waze keeps breaking down the car experience.
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Waze on CarPlayWaze on CarPlayWaze on CarPlayWaze on CarPlayWaze on CarPlayWaze on CarPlay
It’s all due to the same old audio glitch that makes it impossible for users to adjust the volume level in their cars, no matter if Waze is in focus or not.

The issue first surfaced back in 2020, but the Google-owned company eventually managed to resolve it with a software update.

On the other hand, the same behavior returned a few weeks ago, with Waze once again taking over the audio on CarPlay and making it impossible to adjust the volume level of things like playing music or phone calls.

The company has already shipped several updates to correct the problem, but just when it seemed the nightmare had ended, more users were complaining of similar audio struggles on CarPlay.

And as it turns out, their devices are fully up-to-date, which means that Waze still breaks down CarPlay even if the latest version of the app is installed on iOS 15.1. Some say the whole thing is also happening on iOS 15.2, so clearly, Waze is the one to blame for the broken audio controls on CarPlay.

Several workarounds could help users deal with the error until a full patch arrives.

One of the most convenient is a quick launch and then shutdown of Siri by pressing the voice command button on the steering wheel. Others say that force-closing Waze on the iPhone triggers the shutdown on CarPlay too, at which point the issue is temporarily resolved.

In the meantime, the company has remained completely tight-lipped on the problem, and nobody knows for sure if another fix is currently in development. So, for the time being, CarPlay users are all alone in their struggle to run Waze without losing their audio controls.


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