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Waze Now Lets Users Record Their Own Voice For Directions On Android

Waze has introduced a new update that adds a new function to the popular navigation software.
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The renewed app was launched at the end of last week in the Google Play Store, which is only for Android users, and it allows anyone with a device that supports the app to record voice commands. All 39 phrases that the Google-owned service uses can be replaced once the new function is activated.

However, if you do not feel like recording everything, Waze will only use the audio you choose to file. It will allow anyone to have his or her voice employed for navigation in his or her car, which can be funny with “a dash of vanity.”

Another exciting benefit of this function, which may be more useful than getting instructions with your voice, is the possibility of introducing a partial functionality within Waze for a language or dialect that is not supported by the app.

While not all of controls will be changed with a person’s choices, which would have enabled the expansion to languages that are not available within the application, there is a possibility of implementing any sound you can generate with your vocal cords to replace the standard directions.

Any user with a compatible device can upload the voice of a loved one, for that matter. Please note that the option does not allow full street name prompts, but it might be a small price to pay for the new feature.

Those who are friends with Morgan Freeman will have the best possible voice that one can use in Waze, but any talented actor or singer will do if you can convince him or her to record them on your phone. All you have to do is enter settings, tap on “Sound and Voice,” and then select the option to record a new voice.

For the moment, the feature is only available for Android users, and it is unclear if it will be introduced for those who are iPhone fans. Keep in mind that the voice packages cannot be shared with others, but it may become a possibility in the future. Until then, you can ask the person with the coolest voice you know to record navigation instructions on your phone within Waze.

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