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Waze Needs a Full Dark Mode Too, All for a Very Simple Reason

Google has recently updated Google Maps with support for a full dark mode, and without a doubt, this is a massive update for those who use the navigation app on their phones while driving.
Waze dark mode on iPhone 4 photos
Waze dark mode on iPhoneWaze dark mode on iPhoneWaze dark mode on iPhone
And while Waze already comes with a similar visual style, there’s no doubt it needs a full dark mode. And it’s all for a very simple reason.

Waze is an application built for drivers, and a dark mode just makes sense when using the app during the night.

First and foremost, let’s see what the existing dark mode currently available in Waze is all about. Users can manually enable this special visual style from the settings screen of the app, and once it’s activated, it turns to dark both the map and the event reporting popup.

This makes perfect sense given the map is the thing we use the most on Waze, while the reporting screen is the essential feature that sets the Google-owned app apart from the rest of the crowd.

But as we said earlier, Waze needs a full dark mode that would cover all menus and UI components of the app, including the search box. Launching the search screen during the night in Waze or opening the settings interface when everything else uses a dark mode isn’t necessarily the best experience for your eyes, especially for those who don’t use auto-adjusting screen brightness on their phones.

Sure, you’re not supposed to use these features while driving, but this still doesn’t change anything. Our eyes still have to switch from dark to light and then to dark modes once again in Waze, and for someone who must focus on what’s happening ahead, this is something to avoid.

Waze hasn’t said anything about a full dark mode prepared for Android and iPhone, but given Google has already released this update for Google Maps, it’s probably just a matter of time until this app gets the same visual treatment as well.


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