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Waze Getting Unresponsive on CarPlay, Fix Taking Longer Than Expected

Waze has become a must-have application for millions of drivers out there, simply because it helps deal with the heavy traffic in crowded areas and reach a defined destination faster.
Waze on the CarPlay dashboard 1 photo
On the other hand, it’s not necessarily a secret the app hasn’t been working as expected lately, and CarPlay users certainly know this best.

Most recently, Waze has started hanging on CarPlay, and users are no longer able to interact with the app using the head unit after the first launch. The speedometer is often out of reach, being shown only partially on the screen, while tapping the display for the extra options Waze provides has no result, as nothing else shows up.

In other words, Waze is getting unresponsive on the first launch, and by the looks of things, the whole thing has become pretty widespread lately in the CarPlay world.

Fortunately, there is good news in this regard.

First of all, a workaround already exists. It’s not the most convenient, but in my case, it does the trick every time. After connecting my iPhone to the car and launching CarPlay, I unlock the smartphone, manually open Waze and close it immediately. The app should then reload on CarPlay too, and this time, it’s working properly.

Second of all, it looks like the Google-owned company is already working on a fix, though the whole thing takes longer than expected.

We're now looking into this. Our development team is already aware about it, but it’s taking longer than expected to fix, and we don’t have an exact timeline. We hope this gets solved quickly. In the meantime, keep updating the app periodically, as we release updates and fixes every month. One of them may include a fix to your issue,” the Waze dev team has been quoted as saying.

No ETA is available right now as to when the fix could go live for CarPlay users.


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