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Waze Gets Surprise Update With Cat and Dog Moods, Voices, and Cars

Waze has just announced the release of another special pack of voices, moods, and car icons, and this time, the Google-owned company has focused on something that everybody loves: pets.
New Waze cats and dog content 6 photos
New Waze cats and dogs contentNew Waze cats and dogs contentNew Waze cats and dogs contentNew Waze cats and dogs contentNew Waze cats and dogs content
Starting today and available for a limited time, Waze users can customize their moods, car icons, and voices within the app with content related to dogs and cats.

For example, the mood lets you choose between a dog and a cat, and keep in mind this is the way you appear on the map when running Waze. Then, you can configure the car icon that’s visible at the bottom of the screen when you are driving and Waze is active, and you can choose between Meow Mobile and Woof Wagon.

And when it comes to navigation, choosing between cats or dogs will provide you with pretty funny voice guidance, such as skeptical and nervous directions when enabling the puss setting. If you go for the dog, the navigation instructions should be more positive and excited overall.

If you’re wondering how you can enable these new settings, it’s all as straightforward as it gets. Just launch Waze, and in the navigation drawer, you should now see a question asking if you’re a cat person or a dog person. Tapping it launches a prompt that gets you throughout the configuration process and allows you to choose a new mood, car icon, and voice guidance.

Needless to say, the rollout also comes with some bad news. As I said earlier, this is just a limited-time release, which means that sooner or later, Waze will remove the new icons, moods, and voices. The company hasn’t provided any ETA regarding when this is supposed to happen, but such content typically remains available for just one month.

And then, the voice navigation instructions based on cats and dogs are only available as long as you use English, French, and Spanish as the default language.


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