Waze Gets Emergency Update Possibly to Fix the CarPlay Nightmare It Created

Google-owned Waze has released a new update for CarPlay users only a few days after the company originally shipped a botched build that wreaked havoc for those connecting their iPhones to the head units installed in a car.
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Waze on CarPlayWaze on CarPlayWaze on CarPlayWaze on CarPlayWaze on CarPlayWaze on CarPlay
More specifically, users can now install Waze version 4.78.2, a minor revision to the main 4.78 build that was released on October 6.

The company hasn’t provided any information on what’s new in this build, as the release notes published in the App Store contain only generic details. However, this particular build was shipped to the beta channel on October 12, with Waze telling testers that it included stability, crash fixes, and improvements.

However, no specifics have been provided as to whether this new release specifically targets an audio problem caused by the previous update, but of course, it shouldn’t take too long before we find out if the error is gone for everybody installing the fresh build.

Waze 4.78 brought back an issue that originally showed up back in 2020, making it impossible for CarPlay users to adjust the volume in their vehicles.

More specifically, no matter if Waze was in focus or not, pressing the volume up or down buttons on the steering wheel or the head unit only adjusted the navigation voice, with no way to actually control the volume of the playing music or phone calls.

Some discovered that pressing the voice command button on the steering wheel to invoke Siri fixed the whole thing temporarily until Waze once again took over the audio controls in the car.

Needless to say, everybody struggling with Waze on CarPlay should install this new update as soon as possible, especially because it’s pretty clear it includes an important fix. given it lands only a few days after the previous update. For what it’s worth, the previous update before the botched version landed at the end of August.


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