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Waze Crashing at Certain Locations, It’s Time to Switch to Google Maps

Let’s be honest about it: while Waze can often be considered a godsend, as it helps users deal with the nightmare traffic in their regions, it has also become a super-buggy application that stops working all of a sudden for absolutely no reason.
All reports seem to indicate a glitch related to GPS signal 7 photos
The new stable Waze version on the Google PixelWaze for AndroidWaze for AndroidWaze for AndroidWaze for AndroidWaze for Android
CarPlay users certainly know this best. Waze has been causing quite a struggle on CarPlay, as the application took over the audio controls and blocked users from adjusting the volume of the music or active phone calls.

This is a bug that was originally discovered in 2020, but for some reason, it returned this year to haunt users once again.

And now, Wazers have come across another glitch that nobody can really explain. The app stops responding and eventually crashes every time users drive in a specific location, and the only way to recover is a full restart.

It’s not exactly clear what causes Waze to hang, but as it turns out, this happens in various places across the world, but mostly in the United States. In theory, this could be caused by a loss of GPS signal, though on the other hand, this shouldn’t by any means cause the app to stop responding and then crash.

According to the users who’ve been struggling with the whole thing, the freezes happen every time they reach the same location, so in theory, it’s pretty clear the problem is linked with the GPS connectivity.

Someone says the location causing the hang is the home of high voltage lines, though this has nothing to do with how Waze runs on the mobile device (though it could be connected to the strength of the GPS signal).

The glitch seems to be taking place on both iPhone and Android, though Apple’s mobile device is more often affected. No workaround is known to exist at this point, and given Waze hasn’t even acknowledged the problem, it’s hard to say if a fix is coming or not.


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