WatchJRGo Buys $4,000 Smart Car, Does Some Hilarious Very Light Off-Roading

WatchJRGo's Smart ForTwo 9 photos
Photo: WatchJRGo
WatchJRGo's Smart ForTwoWatchJRGo's Smart ForTwoWatchJRGo's Smart ForTwoWatchJRGo's Smart ForTwoWatchJRGo's Smart ForTwoWatchJRGo's Smart ForTwoWatchJRGo's Smart ForTwoWatchJRGo's Smart ForTwo
WatchJRGo on YouTube is the kind of channel that values the virtues of horsepower, forced induction, and big, smoky burnouts over any semblance of practicality. But that doesn't mean he can't appreciate a great deal when he sees one. Even if the deal in question involves one of America's most embarrassing passenger cars.
It doesn't matter how fuel efficient, how adorable to look at, and how economical this 2009 smart ForTwo Passion may have been. There's not much of anything that can save it from not being a lame car. But at least this particular example was cheap, and we mean really, really cheap. $4,000 plus taxes and fees for this entire car. Granted, that's because the last owner ran the car through what appears to be a chain link fence based on the markings on the front bumper and elsewhere on the front fascia.

To JR's own surprise, this damage was enough to mechanically total the car by its insurance company. All the better for a YouTuber who's made quite a nice living taking junked old cars and giving them another lease on life. Usually for his own amusement and the amusement of his viewer base. This time around, before the car was registered, JR decided to take this plucky little city car on the mildest off-road course he could find. That being the grass in front of his shop.

Safe to say, watching a puny Smart car barrel its way down a three-foot-tall grassy knoll is just as fun to watch as watching a Land Rover cross the Sahara. Albeit for two very, very different reasons. It's tough to tell what uses JR could have for such a puny little city commuter. But he's never failed us before, so rest assured, this is not the last time we see this car on his channel.

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