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Watching This Porsche 911 Turbo Being Vandalized with a Rock Hurts

Having your way with a Porsche generally means going memorably fast and always learning new things about balance. Unfortunately, for the douchebag in the video below, the expression signified vandalizing a 911 Turbo.
Porsche 911 Turbo Being Vandalised with a Rock 1 photo
The clip is extremely painful to watch, as it shows a young douche abusing the supercar step by step. The footage comes from security camera and we can see every little bit of the action clearly.

Porsches are tough cars and so the guy figured out that twisting the door mirror or spilling beer on the roof wasn't going to cut it. Thus, just as it seemed he was about to end the vandalism episode, he picks up a rock and starts scratching the car all over.

A female friend watches the entire scene, appearing amused, at least at first.

Now, there are plenty of questions that arise here. For one thing, it's curious how the douchebag was able to get away with scratching the car from one end to another in plain sight - at a certain point on the clip, we even see a group of people walking by, without anything happening.

More importantly, it seems this wasn't just a random act of vandalism. This Porsche 911 Turbois said to belong to Czech musician Daniel Landa. A controversial character, Landa has been accused of racism, as he has allegedly displayed nazi approval signs on multiple occasions.

The supercar's ordeal is believed to have been some sort of payback for the artist's attitude, but it's difficult to sort things out. Speaking of which, at the time when this article was published, the police hadn't managed to identify the vandal.

Times have been hard for senior 911s recently, with this case reminding us of the Neunelfer that got crushed in a ridiculous fashion campaign. Withing the same week, the label that had commissioned the 911-destroying ad received a humiliating response from the Porsche community, so we hope this guy gets what he deserves too.

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