Watching These Russians Trying to Get Back Their Sidewalk Gives You Hope

Thanks to the almighty world wide internet and to dash cams - which have become an everyday accessory drivers around the planet have - there’s a lot we can find out about motorists today. Sure, some parts of the world are more popular for breaking the law than others, but at the end of the day the point is quite easy: respect others if you want to be respected.
Watching This Russian Trying to Get Back Their Sidewalk Makes You Think There’s Hope 1 photo
And that is exactly what this video is all about. Sure, the action takes place in Russia, a place we all know for it’s extremely not-so-legal driving, a place where motorists often feel like they own the street and make the rules. The video is the latest “action” the young fellows over at the “Stop a Douchebag Movement” did, a group of brave folks who simply won’t give up their right to safely walk...well, on the sidewalk.

Since we’re talking about Russia - a country who’s government just banned transsexuals, transgenders, fetishists, exhibitionists and others with “sex disorders” from driving - standing in front of an angry driver who’s holding the wheel of a luxury SUV is exactly what you’d call brave. However, these clever fellows always act politely, rather informing motorists to drive back on the street where they belong. They never demand them to do it and always explain it’s a matter of safety and nothing else.

That doesn’t mean, though, that the bad motorists won’t get a huge sticker right on their windscreen in case they refuse to act normal and keep on pushing the limits. That’s pretty much what this video is all about. Sure, the angry women yelling and honking, men threatening the youngsters and even one lady who admits she never really payed for the SUV she’s driving are also part of the video you’ll most likely enjoy.

PS: In case you find the video interesting, you should know the Russian civic movement has a Youtube account you can follow.


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