Watching Patrick Stewart Sell a Wale-Research Drone on Kickstarter Is Odd– Video

Captain Jean-Luc Picard has his unique ways with words; it’s as if anything that the 75-year-old actor says turns into music to one’s ear. However, for some reason, the famed actor wasn’t enough for people to back this Kickstarter campaign - who is looking to fund whale research with drones - since the goal is far from being met.
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Photo: Kickstarter
The video starts with this team of scientists following Patrick Stewart’s every step in his own house. They need biologic samples and real life reactions to exterior factors in order to conduct their research. Using the famed actor as a lab rat is supposed to make people realize what whales feel when they get a similar treatment. What folks over at Ocean Alliance are planning to do is use drones instead of previous methods, so that the whole process happens smoother.

This takes us to Snotbot, a custom-built drone created in partnership Ocean Alliance and Olin College of Engineering. The UAVs hover in the air, above a surfacing whale and collect the blow (or snot) exhaled from its lungs. It then returns that sample back to researchers a significant distance away. Yes! Finally, a smart use of drones, other than spying on your neighbor’s fresh Ferrari.

And these drones would truly help both researchers and whales, considering having a lung lining sample is crucial, apparently. Here’s what the plan sounds like:

With it we can see virus and bacteria loads, analyze DNA, and look for environmental toxins that have been absorbed into the whale’s system. Perhaps, most importantly, we can test for levels of hormones, which gives us information on the reproductive cycles and stress levels of these creatures as they are increasingly impacted by human activity in their natural habits”.

Why are we writing about drones? Because it’s most likely the first time we see an actor of this caliber selling one on Kickstarter and because it’s for a good cause.

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