Watch Volkswagen ID.4 Flaunt Its Allegedly Impressive Towing Capacity

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Volkswagen is playing on two fields at this moment as it prepares the launch of its first two new-gen electric models: the ID.3 and ID.4.
While a lot of ID.3s have already been shipped to Volkswagen dealerships across Europe waiting to commence customer deliveries at any moment, the ID.4 is lagging a bit behind, with the emphasis on "a bit" because the ID.4 is 100 percent production-ready. How do we know that? Well, easy: Volkswagen already started assembling the model at its plant in Zwickau last month, the same factory where the ID.3 has been manufactured since last year.

The company's first electric SUV (sorry for constantly jumping from "crossover" to "SUV," but the company insists it's the latter while our common sense tells us the former is a much more exact descriptor) will not reach its buyers sooner than next year. However, the full reveal is scheduled for later this month, which means VW is now busy releasing trinkets of information about the model to keep everyone's attention high.

After showing us the ID.4's simplistic yet elegant interior - not at all dissimilar to the one in the ID.3 hatchback - the carmaker has now released a new video meant to reveal the model's more rugged side. The clip pictures the electric crossover (or "100% SUV," as VW likes to put it) doing the sort of things your 1.2-liter FWD hatchback would have no problem doing, except maybe for the towing part.

The ID.4 will reportedly have a 1,900 kg (4,200 lbs) maximum towing capacity, which is more than decent for a vehicle its size. As a reference, the larger, more powerful Tesla Model X can pull up to 2,268 kg (5,000 lbs), which isn't considerably more. Unless you need to tow 1,901 kg.

The one aspect about the ID.4 that won't take anyone by surprise is its exterior design. Despite VW's stubbornness to keep the model lightly camouflaged in all its appearances, the truth is everyone knows what it'll look like thanks to an earlier leak from (where else?) China. Some variations between different markets are to be expected, but nothing too drastic. Even so, there's a lot to look forward from the upcoming reveal, with the most obvious element being the price. Stay tuned.
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