Watch This Terrifying Gas Station Explosion from Russia

Ever wondered how a gas station blows up in real life? Wonder no more, because this amateur Russian video shows the real deal is different to what you see in the movies, but just as terrifying.
Gas Station Explosion from Russia 1 photo
Photo: screenshot from Youtube
This is not a gasoline fuel explosion – those pumps are way too safe for that to happen these days – it's liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) or as it's known in America, compressed natural gas (CNG). It's often sold at gas stations in Russia, like this EXSON, because it's cheaper to buy. The downside is that it's very volatile and poses a higher safety risk when cars are refueled.

The gas is heavier than air and has a white vapor, which is why the people filming the incident were able to spot what was about to happen. Many motorists pass by the gas leak, oblivious to the danger. Unfortunately, one lingers a little too long and gets caught in the blast.

After closely analyzing the video, we've come to the conclusion that the silver car right next to the tree is the source of the fire, most likely the gas reaching its hot exhaust pipe. You can see the flame spreading from underneath the car to the LPG reservoir. Just before that, an employee of the gas station can be seen running out towards traffic in order to stop it. This is the right move to make, as the explosion could no longer be contained at this moment.

Everything happened somewhere in the Republic of Dagestan, a federal subject of Russia located in the Caucasus. They have a number of fake gas stations there that plagiarize global brands, which is why this one is called EXSON, not EXXON as it should be.

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