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Lexus SC400 Unleashes Some Jet-Powered Niceness at the Hoonigan Burnyard

When it comes to Japanese sports legends, the Toyota MKIV Supra and its closest cousin, the R32 Nissan Skyline GT-R, take all the credit. It's not debatable. They are household names that changed car culture globally (thanks to the Fast and the Furious films, too). But there is a whole list of Japanese legends out there. They might be underrated, but the market has just realized how equally valuable they are. And if there's anything we've learned about numbers – they don't lie.
Hoonigan Lexus SC400 10 photos
Hoonigan Lexus SC400Hoonigan Lexus SC400Hoonigan Lexus SC400Hoonigan Lexus SC400Hoonigan Lexus SC400Hoonigan Lexus SC400Hoonigan Lexus SC400Hoonigan Lexus SC400Hoonigan Lexus SC400
Toyota's luxury division Lexus has been successful since its debut in the late '80s. After years of developing economy cars, the Japanese giant tried its hand on the luxury market and got it right the first time.

The period between 1991 and 1998 was peaceful and prosperous in the United States. The cold war had just ended, and it was the era of new tech, entertainment, and communication. It was also a significant period in car culture, and more than ever, people were willing to experiment with the new.

The SC line of models debuted in 1991. The first imports landed in North America in 1992 with the SC300 and SC400. The line-up ran between 1991 and 2010 and was an immediate hit.

Hoonigan's latest feature, a Lexus SC400, is unlike anything that rolled out of the factories 30 years ago. It's a tricked-out version with a vicious glint, made to rip, blow smoke, and shred tires for eternity (or when the crusher finally calls).

"Cruising, sliding, Sunday Funday, you know, hit the boulevard. Simple things like that," the owner said about his decked-out SC400.

The featured Lexus SC400 is a first-generation car, meaning it comes with a 4-liter V8 1UZ-FE engine. It's manual-swapped with a CD009 transmission popular with the Nissan 350Z, the G35, and the G35 Coupe.

Now, the 1UZ engine is significant to Toyota's history. Car experts claim it was a big part of Lexus's success in the United States (we all know how Americans love V8s).

If you know anything about older American V8s, efficiency and reliability weren't key ingredients. Therefore, when the 1UZ dropped in the United States in the late '80s, it completely changed the game by offering undisputed fuel efficiency, reliability, and durability. These engines will run well past the million-mile mark.

The Japanese giant pumped a lot of funds into developing this powerplant. It earned the title bulletproof and topped the list of one of the best engines ever produced. Better yet, it's FAA (US Federal Aviation Administration) approved for aircraft use.

At the end of the day, every car that comes to the Hoonigan Burnyard needs to prepare for one thing – shred some tires. Well, the SC400 didn't disappoint. It's an acclaimed drift king, after all. We recommend catching some of that action in the video below.

PS: don't forget to put on a gas mask. It gets smokey.

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