Watch this Ford Mustang Owner’s Bad Day Get Even Worse

The details surrounding this video aren’t exactly clear, but at some point, it appears the driver of this Ford Mustang was pulled over by a police officer for aggressive driving. From the officer’s microphone, it sounds like this driver was chasing after the driver of a truck that allegedly threw a beer bottle out the window hitting the passenger side of the car.
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Photo: screenshot from YouTube
From side of the story of the Mustang driver, it all started when the truck was tailgating him, and he tapped his brakes hoping the driver would back off. Instead, the maneuver sparked a bout of road rage with the driver of the truck passing the Mustang on the shoulder and throwing a bottle out of his window in the process. As it turns out, though, the Mustang ended up getting pulled over, and the other driver apparently getting away.

Up to this point, there is nothing overly exciting about the video, but fast forward to about the 3:30 mark and you can watch this guy’s bad day is about to get much, much worse. As he sits on his bumper waiting for the officer to run his driver’s license and insurance information, he gets a quick lesson on why you should always pull over as far as possible when stopped by police as a Nissan Frontier sideswipes his car causing far more damage than the beer bottle that started the whole situation.

And the whole thing was caught on the police car’s dash camera. What’s even worse is that he spends most of the time waiting for the officer by wiping off dust and dirt from his car. Fortunately, he was able to spot the truck in time and move away, but all he can do is look at the police officer in disbelief. Hopefully, karma catches up with the bottle-throwing driver of the truck.

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