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Watch This Enduro Expert Make Fun of Newton's Law of Gravity

Everyone here loves seeing gravity-defying shenanigans on two or four wheels. With all due respect for those who like the latter, you just need to look at Pol Tarres’ antics and will remain forever convinced of the mastery-level requirements of the former. Yes, just ten minutes of awesomeness had a diehard four-wheel enthusiast converted to cherishing the altar of enduro’s defiance of Newton’s law of gravity.
Pol Tarres Enduro 10 photos
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Chances are you already know what enduro is all about – you can have fun on a motorcycle or a bike across lengthy (often cross-country) off-road courses. There are various levels of difficulty – mostly in the form of obstacles and challenges. For a quick sample, you can also watch the second video embedded below.

It highlights Red Bull Motorsports’ Top 10 toughest hill climbs of the World Enduro Super Series. And take notice – they selected just the hill climbs. Enduro is so much more. It is also a bucket load of fun – when you are not the one that broke his bones countless times before perfecting stunts like the ones we see Pol Tarres perform. 

It is lots of sugar for the mind, though, digested just as soon as we manage to pick up our jaws off the floor. We need not envy this miraculous man – just imagine how many countless hours he spent doing trial and error runs for these perfect shots. The level of talent involved is just part of the equation.

You can see a little bit of Tarres’ level of commitment during the casual bike-warming portion of the video. You see him breathing, eating, shopping, and more with the bike at his side always. 

We revel in awe to this type of loyalty to anything on planet Earth. And take his unspoken advice – you will fall sometimes (as he does, at one point), but it is important to just pick yourself up, dust off and continue... both when riding and in life, in general.


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