Watch the LaFerrari Drift: LaDrift

It was only a matter of time until somebody decided to have a go at drifting a LaFerrari, so we weren’t expecting to be that surprised when finding out about the feat. Well, we were wrong and that’s because we have a double here. Yes, that’s two LaFerraris drifting, one on the track (as expected) and one on the street.
LaFerrari Drifting 1 photo
We’ll start with the first, which is a Black incarnation of the hypercar. This was recently captured while performing a sideways manoeuvre that got as violent as possible. First of all, the slip angle looks more generous than a wild dream and then there’s the duration of the slide.

You can see just how much the electric torque assists the V12, with the LaFerrari smoking its tires as if a million Prancing Horses suddenly decided to spin those rear wheels. We’ll remind you all future Ferrari V12 will be hybridised, so you’d better get used to this feel.

Then again, this brings rather scary memories, from back in February when a LaFerrari spun on the Prancing Horse’s home track, Fiorano. The hypercar was being driven by a man who probably knows a thing or two about this particular activity, F1 driver Kimi Raikkonen.

The street drift

The second part of this tire-burning story sees a Rosso Corsa LaFerrari being drifted in the mountains. So far, we only have a picture, but we’ve been waiting for the video to shop up since last summer. Oh well, at least there's enough opposite lock to make us happy.

We’re expecting to see TaxTheRich flog the ultimate Prancing Horse - in case you’re not familiar with this Youtube account, it is run by professional rally driver Harry Hunt, who likes to capture himself hooning all sorts of machines that most people wouldn’t dare touch without gloves. Harry is the son of Jon Hunt, who, to use Maranello’s words, is “one of the great Ferrari collectors”.

Until we get to find out if TaxTheRich did actually make a LaFerrari clip, we’re ready to answer the logical question here. Yes, the LaCrash has already happened, even though it was a minor one.

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