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Watch the GRID 2 Effect Trailer: Chris Harris Powerslides Real McLaren MP4-12C

Codemaster has recently released a trailer for the GRID 2 Effect game that’s coming this summer. The Clip sees Chris Harris and McLaren test driver Mat Jackson battle in two MP4-12Cs, with the action taking place on the famous Brands Hatch circuit in the UK.
We couldn’t care less about the predictable scenario, which sees Harris loosing the race due to too much powersliding and abusive throttle use.

The journalist subsequently recovers the lost ground and even overtakes Jackson, all thanks to the use of “in-game expertise” achieved after a chat with the GRID 2 staff.

We’re not bothered by this predictable script because the rest of the clip is brilliant. We get to see multiple scenes that involve MP4-12C powerslides, with the supercar shooting flames out of its exhaust tips like it wants to make sure there’s no tomorrow. Buckle up and hit the “play” button!


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