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Watch the Dutch Skateboarding inside a Church: Skatehal Arnhem

The Dutch seem to have found an... alternative solution for convincing people to come to the church in higher numbers. In the city of Arnhem, the St. Joseph Church has been turned into a skatepark, with this becoming an instant attraction.
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The Arnhem Skatepark, or St. Joseph Kerk Skatepark as locals know it, was inaugurated back in November 2011, being a very popular location from the very beginning. One one hand, this means that quite a lot of stunts have been pulled within the holy walls. How knows, perhaps an Ollie is a much more special move when performed in such a manner...

And maybe, just maybe, hugging a ramp as you fall off your skateboard, or BMX for that matter, hurts less if you’re doing it with divine aroma. You can check out the video below to see the skaters in action inside the St. Joseph church, which has been gifted with all the necessary landscape. These people are not kidding when it comes to their passion. You can ckeck out the Skatehal Arnhem Facebook page for more updates.

The city decided to do this due to the lack of attendance and it’s not even an unique situation. For instance, Eusebius church, the largest one in the city, also serves as an exposition hall. The location includes an elevator that takes vititors close to its top, offering a nice vantage point.

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