Watch a 1,744-HP '99 Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R With 3.4L Stroker Run 8s on the ¼ Mile

It goes without saying. The brutish Nissan Skyline GTR is one of the most sought-after 90s Japanese sports cars after the Toyota Supra (thanks to the Fast and Furious franchise). If you stumble upon the rare JDM Midnight Purple II edition, you'll be riding in JDM royalty.
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Photo: YouTube Screenshot/That Racing Channel
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While American GT-R diehards wait for their first batch of new (used) R34 GT-R next year, the rest of the world will have enjoyed two and a half decades of the living legend. Somewhere, in a little country town no one knows in New South Wales, Australia (4 hours out of Sydney), GT-R owners met for the annual GT-R Challenge.

Cootamundra might mean nothing to you, but to street-trim GT-R tuners, it's the ultimate battleground for Godzilla supremacy – think of a pot full of world-class RB tuners and heavy hitters. This event witnesses 6-second passes on the quarter-mile by license-clad street-legal Nissan Skyline GT-Rs.

Javier of That Racing Channel on YouTube went all the way to Australia to witness this OG-level GT-R event and was lucky enough to drool, feature and ride in one of the most brutal R34 GT-Rs of the event.

The unit in question belongs to Roumanos Moussa. It's a 1999 Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R making a whooping 1,744 hp (1,768 ps). Under the hood, it packs a 3.4-liter stroker running a custom 88-millimeter turbo on E85.

This gnarly '99 R34 GT-R runs Albins ST6 series 6-speed sequential transmission with a twin-plate direct clutch to handle all that power.

The setup includes ID (Injector Dynamics) catalog injectors, pumps and filters, Turbosmart fuel rigs, Plazmaman intake and intercooler, Ross Performance Parts Cam trigger kit, and Cam cover.

"We are getting good results, and the car's been really reliable," Moussa revealed. He's been running this setup successfully for the last nine months.

To remind you, a stock 1999 Nissan Skyline GT-R packs a twin-turbo 2.6 liter in-line 6-cylinder RB26DETT engine good for 276 hp (280 ps) as part of a gentleman's agreement (between Japanese car manufacturers).

In reality, this JDM supercar killer was dyno-ed at 325 hp (330 ps). Due to its cast-iron block engine and forged internals, tuners have pushed it up to 1,000 hp (1,014 ps) with mods.

The stock R34 GT-R came with a 6-speed manual transmission on Nissan's ATTESA E-TS all-wheel-drive layout to harness all that grunt.

"That blows my mind. These things are different, man. This RB horsepower is different. Dude, you were skating all over the track. This thing gets it. Honestly, bro, for a split second, there I was, holding my breath." Javier of That Racing Channel confessed after riding the brutish R34 GT-R.

During the event, Moussa's 1999 R34 GT-R beat a four-year record running 8:60 seconds on an un-prepped surface with 18-inch wheels. He was declared the Pre-2007 Winner for Turbosmart Ultimate Street Car winner.

Want to witness some of that New South Wales GT-R action? We recommend watching the video for more on this year's GT-R Challenge in Australia.

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