Watch People's Reactions as they Go from Zero to 60 MPH in just 2.39 Seconds

If, like us, you thought that once the car was presented at this month's CES, Faraday Future would lay off the video releasing spree and give us all a break, we'd like to announce we were wrong.
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It looks like the launching event gave the company enough footage to keep going for a while, so here is today's quota of shameless bragging about the FF 91 electric crossover. Similar to what Tesla did for its Model 3 unveil almost one year ago, after the presentation was over, Faraday Future offered those in attendance ride-along opportunities on its makeshift testing area.

We say "makeshift, but it was actually large enough to showcase the vehicle's 0-60 mph acceleration even though, given the hastiness with which it reaches the benchmark speed, it must have felt like it didn't require that much space.

A lot of people have never ridden in an electric vehicle, but almost all of us have flown in a commercial jet. Well, that's pretty much what one should expect from an experience such as the one shown in the video below, only much more condensed.

You have to feel for the man holding that large camera against his socket - he probably got a black eye - or the shade-wearing guy who lets out a girly giggle. Those screaming out loud didn't exactly leave a very manly impression either, but our prize goes to the Asian dude wearing an anorak who let out the most introverted "woohoo" we've ever heard.

Still, videos like these do very little to address the more important complaints people have about the EV startup - stuff like where will they get the money to build the factory, let alone the cars, how expensive is the FF 91 going to be or whether they will be able to stick to the plan.

As it is, all we see are a bunch of people who, for all we know, could be paid actors (definitely not the case, but for the sake of the discussion, it's a possibility) being excited and terrified in equal measures by the acceleration prowess of the FF 91 electric crossover. We're willing to bet they would feel the same in a Tesla Model S P100D, and that's a car they could buy the next day. Faraday Future should lay off the acceleration bragging and focus on things that actually matter.

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