Watch Out for This $460K Personal Flying Car Coming From Indiana

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Most of us are excited about upcoming air taxis, but the possibility of owning and flying your personal car in the air takes things to the next level. One of the most intriguing models of the flying car emerging market is the LEO Coupe, designed in Indiana, which comes with its own charging platform and dedicated infrastructure.
It still seems like something out of a Sci-Fi movie, yet the concept of a personal flying vehicle is closer than ever to becoming reality. Most eVTOLs (electric vertical take-off and landing) are meant to operate as air taxis flown by pilots with specific training. Yet, a handful are geared towards private ownership and wider access due to less stringent piloting requirements.

One of these is the LEO Coupe, an eVTOL that looks like a car yet flies like an aircraft. The size of a regular car, it can seat three to four people and be recharged like any electric vehicle. Its success formula combines aerodynamic design with a patented system of clustered electric jets and simplified, semi-autonomous control systems.

Performance-wise, the LEO Coupe is expected to offer the same as most eVTOLs, meaning a top speed of 200 mph (320 kph) and a maximum range of 250 miles (400 km) per charge, with reserves. Built with safety in mind, this flying car ditches potentially dangerous propellers and adds a multitude of safety features, including emergency airbags, a ballistic recovery parachute, auto-stabilization, and emergency glide and flotation.

Owners of the LEO Coupe will be able to travel around the city without having to worry about standard traffic on the one hand or conventional airports and runways on the other hand. The vehicle comes with a dedicated fast charger called VertiStop. This is both a landing platform and a charger. According to the manufacturer, it's quick and easy to install in regular parking areas or on rooftops.

Leo Flight was founded in 2020 by Pete Bitar and Carlos Salaff and is now getting a helping hand from Volatus, an eVTOL infrastructure company founded in 2021. Following their recent agreement, Volatus will manufacture Leo Flight's VertiStop platform for wireless charging. Shaped like a simple rectangular pad, the VertiStop platform is designed for safe landing and fast charging while also protecting the vehicle from dust and wind.

As luxurious as it is powerful, this flying car also promises a comfortable cabin with generous passenger space and in-floor windows for stunning panoramic views. What better way to experience high-speed travel, even in the busiest urban centers?

With this new collaboration, the Indiana-based manufacturer is on track for the targeted launch date of its futuristic flying car. The LEO Coupe is expected to be ready for commercial service by 2026, with a base price of under $500,000.
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