Watch Jay Leno Drive James Bond's Aston Martin DB5, He Even Wears a Tux

Although it’s not the first time Aston Martin DB5 Continuation features on Jay Leno’s Garage, the host is giving it the attention it deserves, wearing a tux and having his hair combed. Why wouldn’t Jay Leno be considered a contender for the next James Bond?
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Aston Martin DB5 ContinuationAston Martin DB5 ContinuationAston Martin DB5 ContinuationAston Martin DB5 ContinuationAston Martin DB5 ContinuationAston Martin DB5 ContinuationAston Martin DB5 Continuation
Back in October, Jay Leno made a lengthy video on the Aston Martin DB5 Continuation. Which is not a replica or a kit car, but the brand decided to start building the same car exactly the way it did over five decades ago. Oh, and the new model has all the James Bond gadgets included.

Now, the TV host dressed up to the nines, wearing a tux and having his hair combed, to get behind the wheel of one of the most famous movie cars ever. Starting the video with a lot of smoke to set up a mysterious atmosphere, Jay Leno didn’t handle it very well, coughing, like a normal person would in those situations. A secret agent would never do that, right?

He brings in Terence Jenkins from Aston Martin to talk about the new Goldfinger-inspired Aston Martin DB5, sharing that he'd been thinking of making a car like the one in the James Bond movie for years. But now, as the franchise reached the end of the contract with Daniel Craig, they finally gave it the greenlight.

Under the hood of the model, there is a 4.0-liter straight-six, which produces around 290 horsepower.

So, from now on, you can own James Bond’s car. Of course, it comes with quite a price tag: $3,5 million. But Jenkins explains part of the reasoning behind this, which makes absolute sense. Because, as he explains it, every panel on the car has been hand-built, taking it to a total production of 4,500 hours. This is impressive, because, as Leno explains it, it only takes about 20 hours to produce a regular high-volume car from a major automaker. Whereas a high-end handcrafter performance vehicle takes about 280 hours. So you do the math.

As he takes it for a spin, Leno admits that it “drives nice,” and it’s hard not to feel like a spy in it, with all the gadgets inside.

According to Jay Leno’s Garage, so far, 25 Aston Martin Continuation DB5 in Silver Birch have been produced and already sold, because who wouldn’t want to feel like 007?

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