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Watch How This Close Call on a Canadian Highway Almost Turns Into a Worst-Case Ontario

Americans can’t have enough of how Canadians pronounce some words, including ‘out’ and ‘about.’ As comical as it may seem, it’s something to do with “Canadian Raising,’ meaning they pronounce diphthongs (two-part vowels) with the higher upper section of their mouths. Canadian humor doesn’t end there. They are perceived as the kindest, friendliest people on earth. A recent Canadian highway close-call video on Reddit shows how far the internet is willing to take this joke.
Canadian Highway Close Call 8 photos
Canadian Highway Close CallCanadian Highway Close CallCanadian Highway Close CallCanadian Highway Close CallCanadian Highway Close CallCanadian Highway Close CallCanadian Highway Close Call
We are glad no one got hurt in the video. It’s just another highway close call where someone makes a dumb move and almost turns everyone’s fate into a scene straight from a Final Destination movie.

From the footage, a man and a woman are having a normal conversation about a chicken salad incident that turned funny. Mid conversation, a truck driver hauling an empty trailer comes close to taking out oncoming traffic trying to get into a food chain strip Drive-in.

The driver, Kevin, caught the idiotic move quite early, hit the brakes, and swerved to the left, quickly turning their fates from a bad experience to a close call on the Canadian highway.

I don’t know how you stopped that, Kevin. You didn’t hit him,” the passenger said.

However, what’s interesting about the close call is not the nature of the incident or Kevin’s impeccable stopping power but his reaction after the near-fatal event.  

In typical Canadian fashion, he blurts out a few curse words in horror while still politely referring to the truck driver as ‘buddy.’ That reaction alone has set the internet turning with lols.

The series of words that follow couldn’t be less funny. The British Columbian East Coast choice of curse words completely changed the entire incident into a comical trolling fest with more than 1.3k comments and 42k upvotes (likes on Reddit).

We’ve got to give props to Kevin, the driver, for his reflexes on the wheel. Avoiding a turning truck with a trailer on tow at 55 mph (88 kph) is the true definition of a close call.


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