Watch How a Tesla With FSD Beta Fares Against a Driverless Cruise Taxi in San Francisco

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Real-world testing reveals which self-driving technology can take you faster to a certain destination in this unusual San Francisco competition. The Tesla Model 3 uses the camera-based Full Self-Driving Beta, while the robotaxi is equipped with Cruise’s Webviz data visualization tool. Here’s who wins in the end.
Self-driving cars can now compete against each other while roaming urban environments. It is 2022, after all. Progress was expected for quite some time in this department. Certain industry participants even consider autonomous driving to be very important for the survivability of those involved in the automotive sector.

Right from the get-go, the Tesla Model 3 has a clear advantage. It cannot move on city roads without having a human in the driver’s seat. Except for situations where Smart Summon is possible, this EV must always have someone behind the wheel who is ready to take control at a moment’s notice. The system could disengage or make a wrong turn, so the driver needs to keep their hands on the steering wheel.

On the other hand, Cruise’s robotaxi (backed by General Motors) can navigate urban environments without having a person in the driver’s seat. The company limits the fleet’s usability during foggy or rainy days, but these specially modified Chevrolet Bolts can provide people with the experience of a self-driving vehicle while sitting in the rear.

However, none of these two cars and their self-driving software philosophies are truly autonomous. While the Tesla requires the presence of a responsible human, the robotaxi is wirelessly supervised and someone can remotely assume control in case something goes wrong.

Despite all this complicated talk, the idea of having advanced software take control and command the vehicle to drive you somewhere is still an exciting novelty. So, let’s look at who does it better – the Model 3 or the driverless Cruise? The answer is found in the videos down below. A Tesla with FSD Beta and a robotaxi sitting side-by-side start a journey to the same destination. Someone will arrive faster.

Finally, one can only wonder – is it worth it to buy an EV with FSD Beta or is it better to just pay for a driverless ride from time to time?

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