Watch How a Crown Vic Helps a smart Do a Triple Flair

Ever wondered what would happen if a Crown Vic would fall from the sky onto a blob, and a little smart would find itself on the other end? Neither did we. But, still, here’s the answer!
Crown Vic makes a Smart fly 7 photos
Crown Vic makes Smart flyCrown Vic makes Smart flyCrown Vic makes Smart flyCrown Vic makes Smart flyCrown Vic makes Smart flyCrown Vic makes Smart fly
There’s nothing that screams 2022 and the age of the internet like seeing Youtubers trash two or more cars just for some temporary kicks. At least, it’s better than seeing actual people getting hurt.

Here’s your Danny Duncan moment. The youngster that made his view of the world famous on Youtube by doing all sorts of funny and mildly dangerous stuff has recently taken a keen interest in cars and… their ability to fly?

The young guy organized a little offroad race with some of his buddies. They used smart cars, not really known for their ability to go on rough terrain. That doesn’t mean the result isn’t somewhat funny and worthy of an update on social channels. After their adventure, the guys decide it’s time for the real deal.

With soothing music added, a crane got ready, and the dropping of the Crown Vic began. The small smart car just calmly awaited its fate, and the drop of the Vic.

Known for its service as a police vehicle, this one unfortunate Ford Crown Victoria got to see its life end as a toy. At least, it made something jump again! The smart, on the other hand, is just a car that doesn’t fit well in America. Nobody will miss it, should one be sacrificed for space exploration, after being thrown up by the forces of physics.

Until this Youtuber's next adventure, watch this Crown Vic get dropped on a blob. The smart really tries its best to fly, but it can’t hold any meaningful airtime. Fortunately, it gets the landing surprisingly well.

Editor's note: Gallery shows snapshots of a Youtube video.


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