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UPDATE: Google VP Ben Sloss' Ferrari 458 Challenge Cheats Rain on Road Atlanta

We've talked about Google VP Benjamin Treynor Sloss and his SO (social media fans among you might know her as @becauseracewife) on multiple occasions, with the two sharing a burning passion for Prancing Horses, be they street machines or racecars. And we are now back on the topic, since the go-fast family has completed what they describe as a long endurance race over the weekend.
Google VP Ben Sloss' Ferrari 458 Challenge on Road Atlanta 4 photos
Google VP Ben Sloss' Ferrari 458 Challenge on Road AtlantaGoogle VP Ben Sloss' Ferrari 458 Challenge on Road AtlantaGoogle VP Ben Sloss' Ferrari 458 Challenge on Road Atlanta
Sharing a Ferrari 458 Challenge with his wife and the aficionado behind the @mhpracing Instagram label, Ben Sloss took on Road Atlanta for the 2018 seasons opener.

The three joined forces for seven hours of hooning and things were anything but easy, with rain showing up.

As described in an Instagram post you'll see below, the crew ended up nine seconds behind pro driver Randy Pobst, but what happened during the race was more important than the outcome.

However, it's worth noting that the VP's wife seems to have delivered the quickest lap of the race. Keep in mind that she likes to... train by flying around various tracks across the world in a machine as fierce as the Ferrari FXX K (for those of you who aren't familiar with Ferrari's customer racing program, we'll mention this is the track-only incarnation of the LaFerrari).

And we'll return to the wet detail we mentioned above, since the tire choice of the team created more than a little trouble.

We'll leave the explaining to Mr. Sloss: "When our 458 Challenge is caught in a downpour during the Saturday endurance race at Road Atlanta, we are reminded that not all DOT tires are suitable for really wet weather. Driver comment after we pitted: "It wasn't so much racing, but rather a series of saves strung together..."

You'll get to see the slightly sideways shenanigan in the piece of YouTube footage below.

Update:Ben Sloss has reached out to us, sheding some extra light on the situation of his racing weekend. Here's what the aficionado had to say: "Race 1 was Saturday, was raining, and we retired the car early after the rain got even worse. We weren't going to podium with the tires we had, and we stood a good chance of crashing the car, as the video demonstrates. It was downright hazardous out there if you didn't have good rain tires, and we did not. Race 2 was Sunday, and it was dry. We won that race outright, finishing 9 seconds ahead of Randy's team (and Randy) after 7 hours of driving by Christine, me, and MHP,"

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