Watch and Learn: Rider Ignores Danger Signs and Crashes

Watch and learn: Rider Ignores Danger Signs 1 photo
Photo: Youtube
When riding a motorcycle, being paranoid in no shame, it can in fact, save your hide, especially when riding in areas where the right of way and road discipline are not exactly the main concern of motorists… like they are in the former Soviet space.
Again, this crash is a textbook example. The rider was obviously way over the legal speed limit in a city in the beginning of the video, but seeing him slowing down sort of made me think that he’s not exactly a complete moron. It’s true that most of us are riding above the speed limits quite often, but doing 60mph (100 km/h) or more in a city heading for a zone of busy traffic looks more like suicide than responsible driving.

Still, it turns out that the fellow was decent enough to slow down, but now smart enough to be as careful as he should have been. A more focused, experienced and paranoid rider would have had no trouble understanding that the car on the right side of the road MIGHT cut him off. Its front end was already in the right lane and this should be more than enough a warning sign for any rider, causing him or her to slow down and proceed with caution.

Unfortunately, this chap decided to ignore this warning sign and drove on, only to smash into the car, then ricochet into an incoming vehicle in the opposing lane, extremely lucky to still be able to stand and curse. Needless to say that his poor, or should I say the lack of decision could have laid him in an early grave, but maybe he learned the lesson. The car driver was obviously at fault here, but the rider’s extra care could have spared him all the mess.

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