Watch and Learn: Panicked Rider Crashes after Dogs Bark at Him

Panicked Rider Crashes after Dogs Bark at Him 1 photo
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Unleashed dogs barking at motorcycle and bicycle riders or even trying to bite their legs is one thing most likely all of us on two wheels have experienced at least once in a lifetime. Riding a bicycle may indeed be a tad more dangerous, as the cyclist’s feet are in movement and dogs’ instincts may cause them to attack the moving parts, including wheels, so panic in such situations is understandable.
However, when it comes to a motorbike rider, things are a lot easier. He or she can effortlessly steer past the dogs, and lose them with a simple twist of the throttle, while raising the feet off the pegs and higher into the air is also feasible.

Having your bike surrounded by several vicious, barking dogs is definitely intimidating, but surrendering to panic is not the best reaction. Even I almost crashed after a dog appeared out of nowhere and started to bark in a terribly high-pitched voice. The sudden audio aggression caught me completely by surprise and caused a jerk of the handlebars which almost destabilized me from the height of a tall dual-sport machine. However, I got a firm grip and rode onwards, and made it back home unscathed.

Now, in case of riders with little experience, dogs barking and jumping in front and around the bike might cause serious fright, causing them to make the wrong decisions. While slowing down to avoid hitting a dog is obviously a good thing, braking hard with the front wheel on gravel isn’t.

Small wonder the light Virago went down, but luckily the dogs appear to have been scared by the crash, too, and did not bite the rider, as it can happen sometimes. Hopefully the chap is alright and has learned another lesson, just like most other riders when their number was drawn. Basically, the best solution is to completely ignore the dogs and simply ride ahead. There are only minimal chances to run one over at moderate speed, as they usually take care of themselves, despite their apparent lack of preservation instinct. Revving might scare them off, even though most of the dogs I meet while riding seem to only grow more agitated. And of course, good to see the fellow wearing protective gear: he might have gotten some bruises, but he’s definitely better off than wearing shorts.

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