Watch and Learn: How Not to Lean through a Bend

Spring brings the first rides and the first crashes, and nobody should be surprised to learn that quite a lot of very nasty crashes occur this time of year. The factors which lead to such unfortunate events are easy to control, as long as motorcyclists are not completely oblivious to the risks the first rides bring with them.
Nasty low-side crash 1 photo
Aside the unfortunate act of crashing, this fellow was really lucky he did not slide under an incoming vehicle, bike, car or truck. Though visibly shaken and in shock, the chap seems to be alright, as he can move his head, arms and legs. Likewise, the camera guy seems to know what he’s doing and thins also helps. Truth be told, the guys who thought to put the crashed bike back on the road were not thinking too much in those moments.

Even more, riding in large groups comes with increased risks when such events occur, as everybody will stop and try to help, forgetting they’re on a public road and the hazard zone is not properly signaled to warn incoming riders or drivers. Needless to say that in such circumstances, the fact that nobody else gets hurt badly is yet another lucky shot.

Check out with autoevolution tomorrow for a coverstory on the dangers spring brings with it.

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