Watch and Learn: Eyes on the Road Lest You Crash Like a Moron

Not paying enough attention to the road is one of the shortest ways to crash, even when it comes to the most experienced riders in the least dangerous situations. While I couldn’t tell how good a rider this fellow is, one thing is certain: his riding proves truth behind the assertion in the title beyond any shadow of a doubt.
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Now, I must say that experienced riders know that their attention and awareness should be always focused on the road, road conditions, traffic and the actions of their riding buddies, if any. Still, every now and then, there’s something interfering with a rider’s attention and this is the moment where bad things can happen.

In this case, bad luck took the shape of two of this guy’s riding fellows slowing down in front of him. He definitely was not paying attention to their riding, and was surprised to observe that he was closing in much too quickly… but slamming in the brakes with all the force he could master was hardly the best solution.

Even more, judging by the moderate speed these chaps seem to be traveling at, I’d even say that the crash and the impact could have been avoided altogether. But this (happier) scenario required a cool-minded rider to swiftly assess the situation and much better braking technique to allow him to either stop in time or slow down enough to swerve past the bikes in front of him.

To make things even worse, the bike of the fallen rider remains upright and keeps on rolling down the road until it hits one of the guys ahead, sending him to a sudden meeting with mother earth. Luckily, bit chaps are reportedly unharmed. Yet, we’ve seen terrible crashes occurring in similar conditions, with a split second of absent-mindedness causing a nasty mess.

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