Watch and Learn: Extremely Stupid Overtaking Mistake Causes Two Riders to Crash

Incredible motorcycle safety fail for Brazilian rider 1 photo
A big percentage of all the crashes which occur on the roads around the world are caused by improper overtaking maneuvers. For both cars and motorcycles, failing to obey certain basic safety rules when it comes to passing other vehicles usually leads to nasty consequences and it’s more than once when these crashes end up with casualties. Thankfully, it’s not the case this time, but this was a rather close call.
Action takes place in Brazil, apparently in Porto Allegre, where a group of riders are passing the camera bike, which rides behind a bus. One of the three bikers seems much too eager to get ahead and simply can’t wait until he can properly and lawfully overtake the bus. Instead, he takes a very silly decision and swerves towards the sidewalk, obviously trying to try his luck on a right side pass, ignoring the slightest possibility that a car could be parked there.

In fact, if he wasn’t such a moron, he’d have observed the bus’ turn signal flashing as it passed the parked Renault (in fact a re-braded Dacia Logan). The outcome is easy to predict, as the silly rider smashes into the parked car, with his bike bouncing back into the lane and causing the camera motorcycle to crash, as well, missing running him over by inches. Now, I believe you will agree with me when I say that the result of this crash would have been a much more gruesome one should a car have been on the road instead of the camera bike…

Again, even though some of us do make a pass on the right side every now and then, engaging in such a risky and illegal maneuver without even considering taking minimal precautions is downright stupid and reckless, and this video shows exactly why. Couldn’t sort out the missing license claim in the description, but this matter has rather little to do with the crash, anyway.

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