Watch an SLS AMG Being Ripped Apart In a Junkyard, Try Not To Cry

SLS AMG crushed in junkyard 1 photo
Photo: Screenshot from YouTube
We don't like seeing petrolhead tears on your faces but this video is such an injustice we had to share it with you. Because we know you feel the same about destroying one of the car world's precious jewels.
Sure, now that the Mercedes-AMG GT is here, nobody cares about the SLS AMG anymore, although collectors and Mercedes aficionados who own one might contradict us.

But still, why would you want to destroy an SLS AMG? This question will be haunting us more than the video you are about to watch, although there could be a possible explanation.

We think the video was shot in the US, where the government confiscates and destroys illegal imports, but still, that's not a proper explanation for the blasphemy that goes on for a little over seven minutes.

For those able to watch the video until the very end, here's a summary of what you should expect from it. First, a mechanical iron claw turns the SLS AMG coupe into a roadster in like two seconds, but that's only the beginning.

The one handling the hydraulic arm is also taking his time, operating like a pro and that's the most painful part, I guess.

Then the car is lifted, dropped and bitten as more pieces of metal start to fall apart. Then, someone grabs a hose and starts watering the shattered body that once belonged to a sleek sportscar. The torture doesn't end here, but we'll let you discover more atrocities in the video below.

As an ending note, we tested the SLS AMG in roadster ego and concluded it has so much charisma that it spills outside the car and reaches those around you. So it's kind of sad seeing such a wonderful car being tore apart.

The video below is not for the faint-hearted petrolhead, so click play with caution.

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