Watch an Ambulance Split a Huge Crowd in India as If Moses Was Driving

You might be familiar with the expression "it's not rocket science" - hell, you might have even used it a few times before. We'll let you in on a little secret: there's a way to perfect it. Instead of "rocket science," from now on, you should say "crowd control."
Ambulance in India 5 photos
Ambulance cutting through crowd in IndiaAmbulance cutting through crowd in IndiaAmbulance cutting through crowd in IndiaAmbulance cutting through crowd in India
Getting a crowd to do something has got to be the most difficult thing in the world. Unless you're at a music concert, and someone on the stage says "jump" or "clap," any other attempt is nigh on impossible. Manipulating so many free wills at the same time takes a lot of skill, or a very strong lever that works on everybody present, with the latter usually being a threat.

People say that crowds have a mind of their own, but the reality is that they have thousands of them. And, besides, it is well documented that the level of intellect of people who are gathered in large groups tends to drop temporarily, which means that you not only have to deal with hordes of people, but also that they're very likely to be idiots.

We went through all this ramble just to prepare you for the awesomeness of what you are about to see. This video is what saves the "rocket science" saying from going extinct. It's so mesmerizing it is almost unreal. And yet it happened - and in India, of all places.

The crowd participating in a Ganesh Visarjan in Pune, India, managed to work as one huge single organism and make way for an ambulance van that, for some reason, just had to go through there. It was a collective effort with everyone present - even the performing artists - lending a hand.

A closer look reveals that this wasn't really as spontaneous as one might suspect: there were some cordons running the length of the square that made it easier for everyone to know which way to go. But even so, Moses would be envious of this driver's ability to part the sea of people.


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