Watch a Tesla Model S Lap the Nürburgring

Tesla Model S lapping the Nurburgring 1 photo
Photo: screenshot from YouTube
The Green Hell just got a little greener as a Tesla Model S gave the legendary Nürburgring a go earlier this month. Rather than being a Tesla-sanctioned stunt as we might imagine, this was setup Nissan GT-R tuner Iain Litchfield, who is looking to add a zero-emission feather to his tuning cap.
Litchfield enlisted American racer Robb Holland to pilot a stock Model S to help him get a baseline of the Model S’ performance abilities, and Holland recounted his experience with an article on Jalopnik. As it turns out, this was Holland’s first time driving an all-electric car, but he pushes the car to its limits for a decent lap of just over 10 minutes.

At some point, he says that the car may have gone into a reduced-power mode, so that time could certainly get even better with a stock Model S. This car has already made a name for itself by embarrassing some well-established sports cars in straight-line acceleration, and in this video, it shows that it can handle the corners, too. At one point, Holland is able to keep pace with a Porsche 911 GT3 RS.

Aside from watching some of the world’s best drivers tackle the ‘Ring, one of the best parts of such videos is listening to the engines rev and the gears shift. This video obviously brings none of that as the interior of the Model S is quiet enough that the two men are able to hold a normal conversation. While there is no screaming engines or burbling exhaust, the 4,700-pound Model S is impressive to watch how well manages itself around the most demanding track on the planet.

Based on this video, we’re excited to see what Litchfield has in store for the Model S and possibly other future EVs.

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