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Watch a Lexus RC350 F Sport Create a Rainbow of Paint in Slow Motion

We've all seen how in the past months, Lexus approached a very artistic and culture-oriented approach for their commercials, so guess what? The following two clips adhere to that recent trend, which means Lexus haven't lost their inspiration yet.
Lexus RC350 F-Sport Paint Splash 1 photo
We bet you thought about doing a lot of adrenaline-pumping things with the Lexus RC350 F Sport, but we're sure abstract painting wasn't one of them, right?

Well, Lexus got it all figured out for the performance coupé. But before we get to the juicy part, allow us to tell you a thing or two about the Golden Opportunities campaign initiated by Lexus.

In essence, it's a sales event that comes with special lease offers at Lexus dealerships, but it will only last until September 8.

Now, back to the video. It starts with the "Golden Opportunities are easy to miss, so we’re slowing things down" motto, as a white RC350 F Sport coupé shows off its all-wheel drive technology by driving through coloured paint, splashing it everywhere in what we like to call a dynamic rainbow.

As if this wasn't enough candy for our eyes, Lexus also put the IS F-Sport to good use. Baseball fans will love this because the sedan is used as a pitching machine that throws balls at a mirror. We can all guess what happens to the mirror, but there's a catch available for both videos.

They are filmed in slow motion, which adds a new perspective to the whole combination of physics, art and mechanics.

That's as far as we'll go with describing what happens in the video below. We also hope Lexus keeps up the good work in the creativity department and comes back with other videos similar to those you can find below.


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