Watch a Lamborghini Clutch Burn During Valet Parking

When you buy a Lamborghini Gallardo with an E-gear and shift into second at full throttle for the first time, you just know the clutch is going to meet its doom one day. However, if you’re a valet that’s parking a Gallardo, it’s probably pretty difficult to accept that the clutch could turn into a small cloud of smoke under your “command”.
Lamborghini Clutch Burning 1 photo
This is exactly what happened to the valet in the adjacent video: the man handling a Gallardo Convertible, using some average parking maneuvers, when that little devil feeding the gearbox decides to give up.

We don’t know if the man was happy about being filmed during this stunt, but we think he should be. The video clearly proves the failure wasn’t his fault - listen to the engine and you’ll notice that he’s feeding the car with just enough throttle, so he’s not slipping the thing.

Most likely, the clutch was already on its way to the land of the darkness and the valet was simply the wrong man at the wrong time.

Yes, at a certain point he is about to scrape the front apron, but luckily the man with the camera explains the joys of the nose lift system to him.

Video via: Speedracer38

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