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Watch a Hot Girl in a Ferrari 458 Race a Quad Drone

It’s not everyday that you see a supermodel driving a supercar, let alone a world class beauty racing a Ferrari 458. Then again, it’s not everyday that you watch a commercial that features the race as one sweet bait for the audience.
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This is precisely what goes on in the ad below, which sees the supermodel-driven Ferrari 458 battling it out with a quad drone. The clip was released by World Tech Toys, the people who produce the four-rotor drone and here are a few things we like about it.

The supermodel uses the correct setting for the Manettino switch, namely “Race”. This might seem like a no-brainer given the situation, but she could have gone for one of the other four settings. We’re glad she didn’t climb to CT Off or ESC Off, which would’ve killed the traction control or the stability control, respectively.

You see, the 458 is a bit too tail-happy for its own good, as we found out during our reviews. Even the 458 Speciale, which prides itself with sharpened-up hardware and even offers a special software called Side Slip Angle Control (SSC) only manages to partially solve this issue.

Ah, who are we kidding here? The girl is superb and seeing her playing with the Prancing Horse is reason enough for us to spend one minute and twenty-two seconds in front of our computers.

While blonds race Ferraris, redheads smash them with hammers. What is the conclusion here? Oscar Wilde has a good one: “Women are meant to be loved, not to be understood."

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